Expr3ss! 7-Day Club Members Trim Time-to-Hire

Posted by Carolyne Burns | March - 16 - 2016 | 0 Comments
See who has joined the 7-Day Club

See who has joined the 7-Day Club

This past February, Expr3ss! welcomed some of Australia’s best-loved businesses into our 7-Day Club. It’s not an exclusive club. Quite the contrary. Anyone can become a member when they reduce time-to-hire to 7 days or less.

Does that goal sound impossible? It’s not. In this article, we share good news from the frontlines of recruiting in Australia and insights that can help you take back control of your own recruitment.

Expr3ss! Solves Too Much of a Good Thing

With the Internet bringing literally millions of new talent to the pool, finding good applicants has become easier. What has become more difficult is speeding up the time-consuming process of identifying the best of these candidates. Time is critical in recruitment. Every day a business is without an employee, it suffers a butterfly effect of repercussions.

Think about a vacancy in an IT department. First, other IT team members have to pick up the slack until a new person is found and trained. This can lead to delays in maintaining hardware and software, which in turn can cause a disruption in essential business communications. Inefficient communications can cause a cascading series of problems that ends with a business potentially losing customers and sales.

Expr3ss! has developed a method and process that allows our clients to

  • Get out from under a mountain of applicants – A single click sifts, sorts, and pinpoints applicants with the Can-Do skills that are required.
  • Quickly create a short list – Another click winnows applicants further with a proven algorithm that identifies the Will-Do stars.
  • Get the right fit for corporate culture – We guide clients through the best ways to engage, liaise, and collaborate to find the applicants who Fit the position, team, and business.

Our clients use creatively integrated mail and SMS to capture the attention of applicants quickly and promote a dialogue. Then, interviews can be conducted by telephone and/or face-to-face, using the integrated applicant self-service calendar.

24 Hours Later: Hired

The calendar offered up an extra day this past February, and Expr3ss! was determined to make every day count. We worked with our customers to ensure their time-to-hire was as short and productive as possible.

We are proud to present the results:

1 day to hire  – Hindmarsh Plumbing

1 day to hire  – Kennards Hire

1 day to hire  – Radio Rentals

2 days to hire – Star Pharmacy Group

3 days to hire – Krispy Kreme

4 days to hire – Beacon Lighting

6 days to hire – James Frizelle’s Automotive Group

7 days to hire – Spend-less Shoes


It would be our pleasure to welcome you to the Expr3ss! 7-Day Club. What can we do to make that happen?



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