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The Expr3ss! Checklist is a 168 item opt-in survey. It’s disarmingly simple and yet, with more than a decade of field experience, is proven to be hugely predictive of the way people will work in the role.

Using expert system algorithms, applicants’ Expr3ss! Checklist reports can automatically be compared to role benchmarks (informed by the culture and people in your organisation) to highlight the best person for the job.

Since 1999, our customers have seen significant results as a consequence of using Expr3ss!.

Below are some examples of the amazing benefits you, too, can expect to enjoy by using our Software that Simplifies Staff Selection…

Laser Group Now Hiring at the Speed of Light

Prior to using Expr3ss! Laser Group took up to six weeks to fill a role where they had received 90 applications. Now they take less than two weeks to hire the right people for roles that have 200 applications.

Check out our Laser Group White Paper.

Spendless Shoes: Walking on Easy Street

Recruiting 130 new staff members in less than 12 weeks is no small feat, but Spendless Shoes did just this thanks to the clever way they employed Expr3ss! and our integration partner, HROnboard.

Opening 32 new stores can be stressful, but Expr3ss! helped take the stress out of staffing the stores.

Read our Spendless Shoes White Paper.

P&R Electrical supercharges their recruitment process

On the back of our best of breed integration with FlareHR, P&R Electrical has turned a 30-minute process into a four-minute one.

Having a part-time recruitment team can slow time-to-hire down dramatically, but not if you use Expr3ss! and FlareHR

Here’s how P&R Electrical simplified staff selection.

West HQ simplifies staff selection with Expr3ss! and Xref

Thanks to the Expr3ss! and  Xref integration, a process that was not only manual but arduous has now been simplified – significantly reducing the number of roles that remain vacant and eliminating the time spent trying to set up and perform reference checks. These are some of the results West HQ enjoy.

Read more about the impact of jumping on board the right SaaS has had on West HQ’s recruitment practice in the West HQ White Paper here.

Lowes’ award-winning recruitment, year after year 

As a future-focused retail employer, the team at Lowes move to Expr3ss! to eliminate the need for CV reading – simplifying their recruitment process and cutting recruitment friction, wastage and mistakes.

Check out their results in our White Paper with the lowdown on Lowes’ hiring success.

Just imagine how much better your life and business would be with absolutely awesome staff in every role. With Expr3ss! this has become a reality for our customers…   Contact us here for a Web Tour.

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