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Predictive Hiring in a Pandemic: No Interviews, No CVs read. Recruited on attitudes.

One of Australia’s leading Superannuation funds hires 75 staff in 7 days from 485 applicants- with help from Expr3ss! Predictive Hiring Software.

Read how in this White Paper.

Greenbank RSL: 10 Year Hiring Strategy – A New Approach to Hiring Success

The future looks bright for the Greenbank RSL as they focus on a 10 year hiring strategy.

Here’s how it evolved Greenbank RSL White Paper.

West HQ: Going Beyond Growth

West HQ rides the wave of rapid expansion with Predictive Hiring Technology.

Here’s how WEST HQ White Paper.

Frizelles Sunshine

Super charging staff selection

Read our Frizelles Sunshine White Paper.

Laser Group Now Hiring at the Speed of Light

Laser Group typically used to struggle through 90 resumes, taking six weeks to fill a vacancy. Now it takes less than 14 days, even with a broader applicant pool of 200 plus to choose from.

Check out our Laser Group White Paper.

Spendless Shoes: Walking on Easy Street

Opening 32 new stores can be stressful and recruiting 130 new staff members in less than 12 weeks is no small feat. Spendless Shoes did just that with Expr3ss!

Read our Spendless Shoes White Paper.

P&R Electrical powers-up their own recruitment process

P&R Electrical cut recruitment time by 87% electrifying their team’s performance

Here’s how P&R Electrical simplified staff selection.

West HQ simplifies staff selection with Expr3ss!

Rooty Hill’s powerhouse club West HQ slashes vacancies and time-to-hire

Read about in West HQ’s White Paper here.

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